rolecalltheatre testimonial

“What you have done for [my daughter] is unbelievable. You opened her mind, her soul, her heart to a venue she never knew of. I have you to thank for giving her the love and confidence to make her who she was last night. I can’t thank you enough!!!”

(Leela Waxman – Parent)

“Terrific feedback from teachers and parents!!! Everyone loved it, it was a tremendous success. Thanks so much to you and your staff for running such a great program. We are looking forward to another season with RoleCall Theatre next year!”
(Michelle Tennen – West Prep Parent Coordinator)

 “Bravo!!!! It was such an incredible performance on so many levels!!! Thank you so much for your love and dedication to this field and to the process and product that you provided for our campers. For me, as a mother, of course I was ‘wowed’ by [my son]…but for me, as a professional, I was ‘wowed’ by the quick decision you made to ‘re do’ the moment in time for [another child who forgot his lines and ran offstage]. Not only will [that child] walk away with a new sense of confidence, but the staff and PARENTS who watched that unfold have walked away with an invaluable lesson in life. I have to tell you, that moment made my summer complete. I will remember it forever. You are so incredibly talented….from the bottom of my heart….thank you!!!”
(Dara Kahane – Bayview Glen Camp Director)

“[My daughter] absolutely loves being part of the plays and a lot of it has to do with you and your team. I have watched her self-esteem and confidence grow and I thank you because the plays over the last couple of years have really helped her.”
(Patricia Lydgas – Parent)

“The show was wonderful! I was amazed by the high level of vocal instruction the children received. The cues were extremely difficult, but they came in every time!”
(Claire Dos Santos – Teacher)

 “I started to encourage [my daughter] to join musical theatre because, not only did she love dancing, singing and performing – at home, but more important to me was the self confidence and self awareness that I hoped it would bring out in her. Its truly working. [My daughter] loves working with and for you. The way in which you approach their experience is so meaningful and fun. You are extremely talented and sensitive to each child. That is a special talent.”
(Julie Sole – Parent)

“It was so great working with you Rebecca! From the first phone call your dedication, enthusiasm and great spirit went such a long way with our students! Our first kids musical production could have not been better and so glad we chose you to direct it! Our students did such an amazing job and learned so much and it was because of your energy and experience that it went so smoothly. It is obvious to me how much you love of what you do! Thanks so much for everything and really looking forward to working with RoleCall Theatre again!”
(Dana Ben Halim, Founder/Director Golden Goose Learning Centre)

 “I want to thank you for doing such an AMAZING job with the kids!!! You were so wonderful. Maybe one day [my son] will be thanking you from a broadway stage in New York”(Monica – Parent)

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